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Well, I have concluded that today was a bad day. I started off by getting 5 hours of sleep, and then I got so much homework in all my classes, realizing I have 2 very big exams tomorrow. I have about 4 hours of homework from english, and then as every day, I go to health and have a fan right in my eyes and drys them out. I know this doesn't sound very bad, but when you have chronic dry eyes and aren't even supposed to be wearing contacts, it kind of drys out your eyes so bad my contacts could easily just fall out of my eyes. I went to lunch with a headache, and very hungry so, but when I came back after getting lunch, my table had put things, such as plastic wrappers, doritos, fries, and probably a few other things into my water, which I was incredibly thirsty for in the first place. I took a drink, swallowed a piece of plastic and spit the rest out on my pizza. So, my pizza was all soggy, but I ate it anyways. Then, I went to contemporary issues and we wrote notes for the whole period, and when our group came up, we hadn't finished last friday, and so we had to improvise. Then, I went to study hall, went to the library and tried to do my homework and was distracted by these people who kept talking and talking! Then my bus was late, and I got home. Nothing much has happened. I would rather be home all day. In the coolness. Without having to deal with people.
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