theycallmesuzie (theycallmesuzie) wrote,

I had an interesting run tonight. I was running down to the hollywood train station, and while I was running there, I saw a man talking to a boy through his 2nd story window, and it looked like he was serenading him. I was listening to my iPod, so I was able to make it seem like he was. I couldn't hear what they were saying, and it was funny.

Next, when I was running back, I saw a man who was just walking along the sidewalk, smoking. Since it was dark outside, I wanted Sandy to look edgy, and looking like she would be able to protect me, so I said "Who's that sandy?? Git em!" I guess I said it louder than I thought, I didn't even hear myself say it, since I was listening to music, and he gave me a look that I've never gotten before. Well, thats a lie. He looked at me like "A waa?" Needless to say, I ran faster.

Then, I saw the cutest little boy in a grayish suit, with tie and all, and he was next to his dad, who was wearing a black one. He looked like he was a little genius, and was going to start talking about laws. But when he saw sandy, he got all boy again.

Then I replied "With a fork"

*bridget not understanding that "with a fork" can not be a clever punchline to all jokes.
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