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1/13/06 05:54 pm

I don't think I like 2006.

11/6/05 01:35 pm

Well this morning I woke up to a dream that I had 10 children. Or I was one of 10 children.

Last night me and rachel and tiffany went partyaying! We were CArAZY! I got Mr. Bigglesworth a shirt, and I picked out his wife, whom is going to be a small town girl and he will be a city guy. *sigh* Soo romantic. When we were riding home from dropping Rachel off at home, me and my mom started a conversation about my kindergarden teacher, whom I had begun to think I had only been exaggerating her meaness. I mean, why would a kindergarden teacher be out for me? But my mom told me I was right and that she did have it out for me, and I was the one she constantly picked on. She once asked my mom where she went wrong for with me, and why my brother was so good and I wasn't. I had my first athsma attack that was stress induced because of her. I could've died!! My mom said that she was an evil person toward me, and all the other parents agreed. So thats why I was taken out and put into public school for the spring of kindergarden when some other parents were worried about me, and she was too. My kindergarden memories are horrible, and I didn't even know kindergarden was supposed to be fun. I got friggin homework every night! I dislike you very very very much Mrs. Flood.

11/1/05 09:35 pm

Jason Bateman is undergoing throat surjery. Arrested Development is on haitus. I spelled his name wrong. I get him confused with Superman. My mom is home. I haven't started any homework. Pray for me. And him.

11/1/05 09:27 pm

"Thats what'll happen when you drink gasoline."

10/20/05 10:47 pm

I'm bored. I just took a nap that lasted from 6 to 10.

10/17/05 01:36 am

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10/17/05 01:20 am

Well right now I should be in bed.. catching up on my beauty sleep. I have been listening to "Idiot boyfriend" for the whole day. I really am laughin. Its by Jimmy Fallon and my favorite line is: "And baby.. You like fine cooking? Cuz I gotta swason's dinna in the freeza with yo' name on it-tah!" Ohh well. I kinda wanna go to Rachel's tomorrow.. err today, and do something with her. I haven't seen her in such a long time.

I don't really know why I'm writing this entry about nothing. So, I'm gonna go.

9/22/05 10:03 pm

Today I went to a wake. Wakes and funerals are always horrible for me. Especially when they are so young like she was. She was only 22, and going to visit her mother when all of a sudden, her train crashes, and she dies instantly. Her mother was going to go see her, have lunch, go shopping, watch a movie, when she instead has to go to a morgue to identify her daughter's body. Her husband died 3 years ago of lung cancer, and her son is in Iraq. I might have killed myself then and there. Its werid to think that she was out and about, going around doing her daily routine just a few days ago.

Whenever I go to wakes, it makes me think about death, which I am extremely in fear of. Will people remember me 10, 15 years after I die? Will there be no one who is able to remember me or recollect a memory of me? I think that freaks me out the most.

I don't think I would be able to do what Rachel wants to do- be a funeral director. I can't imagine numbing myself from death. I'd see the tears, and the completely distrought faces and then the mothers, or the widower. Or perhaps there is no widower, and some say this person died of loneliness. I would be the most miserable person there is inside of me.

Well, since I haven't gotten to my homework at all, I think I'll do it now.

9/14/05 07:57 pm

I had an interesting run tonight. I was running down to the hollywood train station, and while I was running there, I saw a man talking to a boy through his 2nd story window, and it looked like he was serenading him. I was listening to my iPod, so I was able to make it seem like he was. I couldn't hear what they were saying, and it was funny.

Next, when I was running back, I saw a man who was just walking along the sidewalk, smoking. Since it was dark outside, I wanted Sandy to look edgy, and looking like she would be able to protect me, so I said "Who's that sandy?? Git em!" I guess I said it louder than I thought, I didn't even hear myself say it, since I was listening to music, and he gave me a look that I've never gotten before. Well, thats a lie. He looked at me like "A waa?" Needless to say, I ran faster.

Then, I saw the cutest little boy in a grayish suit, with tie and all, and he was next to his dad, who was wearing a black one. He looked like he was a little genius, and was going to start talking about laws. But when he saw sandy, he got all boy again.

Then I replied "With a fork"

*bridget not understanding that "with a fork" can not be a clever punchline to all jokes.

9/12/05 04:38 pm

Well, I have concluded that today was a bad day. I started off by getting 5 hours of sleep, and then I got so much homework in all my classes, realizing I have 2 very big exams tomorrow. I have about 4 hours of homework from english, and then as every day, I go to health and have a fan right in my eyes and drys them out. I know this doesn't sound very bad, but when you have chronic dry eyes and aren't even supposed to be wearing contacts, it kind of drys out your eyes so bad my contacts could easily just fall out of my eyes. I went to lunch with a headache, and very hungry so, but when I came back after getting lunch, my table had put things, such as plastic wrappers, doritos, fries, and probably a few other things into my water, which I was incredibly thirsty for in the first place. I took a drink, swallowed a piece of plastic and spit the rest out on my pizza. So, my pizza was all soggy, but I ate it anyways. Then, I went to contemporary issues and we wrote notes for the whole period, and when our group came up, we hadn't finished last friday, and so we had to improvise. Then, I went to study hall, went to the library and tried to do my homework and was distracted by these people who kept talking and talking! Then my bus was late, and I got home. Nothing much has happened. I would rather be home all day. In the coolness. Without having to deal with people.
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