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9/6/05 08:49 pm

I just saw this on jes's.
2) Rachel
3) Kara
4) Dijana
5) Tiffany
6) Sowm-shit.
7) Jim
8) Kyle
9) Natalie
10) Kelly
11) Heather
12) Luke

If #1 asked you to make-out with them, would you?:: A cold shiver just went through my very soul.

If #12 needed a kidney, would you give them your kidney?:: I guess... depends on what he's using it for. Fun, or is he dying?

Does #7 know CPR?:: ha, I just thought of an answer he would be mad at me for.

Is #2 going out with anyone?:: Emo Phillips.

How cute is #4?:: Shes so cute shes... Bosnian!

Does sugar have a bad effect on #5?:: Maybe.

What is #8’s favorite color?:: I'll go with.. green.

What would you label #10?:: Super-crazy good at LaCrosse.

Have you ever been on a date with #11?:: Oh, yea me and Heather go way back. Except, not really.

Does #9 enjoy drawing?:: She is an artist of the greatest being.

Have you ever been on a date with #3?:: Nope.

Can #6 be a little crazy?:: OH YES! THATS WHY HER NAMES SOWM-SHIT!

What is #2’s favorite food?:: Emo Phillips with a side of mushrooms.

What would you do if #3 turned out to be your biological sister/brother?:: I would totally love to live with her.

Does #5 have any pets?:: Nope. Not even a fish.

How many houses has #1 lived in?:: She doesn't live in a house.

How did you meet #4?:: When she came from Germany. And it was centenial day and I was dressed up as a peasant-girl.

What is #7’s favorite TV show?:: Stripper Search or My sweet sixteen.

Is #8 older or younger than you?:: Everyones friggin older than me.

Have #1 & #10 ever went out on a date?:: I'll quote Jes on this one "No, but that would be an interesting turn of events."

Give #9 a hug?:: If she was on fire. JUST JOKING WE GO WAY BACK.

What is your relationship with #10?:: She's my hero.

Who on this list is most likely to marry #11?:: #1.

What if your mom/dad remarried #12?:: I would kill #12 for even going NEAR my mom.. or dad...

Are #1 & #2 a lot alike?:: HAHA! I don't know really. Pretty funny story, but they are different.

What hair color does #7 have?:: Black

What is #4’s favorite food?:: A burger maybe?

Could #5 have secret admirers?:: Sure

Have you ever ridden in a car when #6 was driving?:: That would be crazay. CRAZY FUN!

Can you picture #7 being old?:: No, not at all. Maybe a middle aged doctor, but not old.

How is #8’s cooking skills?:: Judging on the teddy bear soaps he puts on at lunch, I'd have to say super.

Is #9 older or younger than you?:: Older.

Would you ever make-out with #10?:: Um.. well NO! THAT WOULD RUIN THE HEROISM!

What is a random fact about #11?:: Her real name is not Maggie. But Magdealen.

Have you ever been to #5’s house?:: No, never been. Except for a couple billion types.

9/6/05 08:34 pm

I've decided that I am going to give it all up and become a Sims addict again. I think its worth it. So, I decided that I'm gonna get Superstar, Hot Date, and Unleashed. In that order. They're only 10 bucks from target, and I'm gonna get a new basic one from game stop. Something happened with the registration code, so it wouldn't let me go on it. Ah, well. If you want to be my sugar momma, or daddy, you can go ahead and buy me a game. I won't judge. I will judge if you didn't get me anything for my birthday.

7/8/05 12:42 am

I have only 2 full days left before I go to camp now, and I have about nothing done. Theres soo much I have to do still, and I usually get it done sooner, but not this time. I watched big fat liar today, and my mom was babysitting some kids, and just dumped them on me whe I came home from a 20 mile bike ride on the most uncomfortable seat ever. I have a huge bruise on my butt, and its painful to sit. I will try to make this entry as short as possible..

Yesterday I filed for my dad, and he works as a courtroom deputy (basically the guy who does all the paperwork for the case) and it came to my attention that people are stupid. There are so many fake slip and fall cases, and it has soo much paperwork. The people probably never even think about that. All they think about is being caught, not the people who have to file their case number into the district, and make up their whole file, mind you, take care of all of the details of the case, and do all this stuff that seems unimaginabily much. Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

My butt is a-hurtin, but this is probably my last entry until camp. See you in a month!

7/5/05 02:55 pm

I have 5 days before I go to camp, and I still have alot to do. I have to get ready for both camp and vacation, because the day after I get home from camp, I leave for vacation for another two weeks. Last year at my 3-week vacation I only got two letters. Those people are the best people ever, and their letters were really awesome. Rachel send me a picture of James Cromwell (meOW!), and Kara covered the envelope in stickers. Each year I've gone to camp, and the people I hope will write me, and I wait for their letters never do, and then have an excuse. It was quite refreshing to have Rachel and Kara write me. :).

Welll, I gotta get goin, so tooodle-e-do.

6/16/05 02:33 pm

I woke up this morning at 5:30. I thought it was 5:30 pm, because its happened before. I walked into my parents room, and woke them up saying "Its already 5:30!" and I went downstairs. I decided to watch TV, because Will and Grace is on at 5:30. But, when I went on the station and waited, it was news. It was all news for almost every channel. And it was alot of traffic reports, so I was thinking the coming home from work rush hour. I was also wondering why I was so tired if I got like 15 hours of sleep. It took me about 20 minutes to realize it was 5:30 in the morning. I went upstairs, went to bed and woke up at 1:45.

6/11/05 12:48 am

The No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane by MilesToGo13
This morning, you should...set your bed on fire, to exorcise the evil demon spirits that made you dream about doing bad things, like setting your bed on fire.
Then, after lunch...have an in-depth discussion of Marxism and its effects on the global macro-economy with a lamp post.
Dinner will consist of...three fifths of Jack, a pack of smokes, and some Valium.
Afterwards, you set off into the evening to...scream at random people that the sky is falling, shortly before you hit them over the head with a mallet.
At the height of your madness, you will callmairzydotes
And the two of you will proceed to...do dozens of shots of that thick blue liquid usually used to clean combs, then spend the rest of the night alternating between vomiting and talking about how much you love each other.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

6/11/05 12:38 am

I just saw an ad for ant killers, specifically made for outside. What the heck is that? Where are they supposed to go? I think people should respect ants. And not step on them either.

6/11/05 12:31 am

Oh my god. I was just watching Jimmy Kimmel live and I saw the funniest thing ever. He was having an interview with Eminem, and he was like "I am not really good at asking my own questions, so I have taken questions from Barbra Walters over the years." and he was asking him all these questions like, when did you know you were lesbian, and being like, do you need a tissue? And then he asked "How do you feel now about Woody Harrelson?" and he responded with "Why are you so bald? Why is he so bald?" Oh, it was alot funnier in real life. Jimmy Kimmel is like a little diamond mine sometimes. That and the one when he did a thing on his cast. There was this one guy who wouldn't turn right, he would only make complete left circles, to where he would be, if he had turned right. Well, I'm tired now, so toodles.

6/1/05 06:37 pm

I just made cupcakes, and they are still kind of not done in the middle. Its kind of gross, but my mom likes them. I think I want to try tennis next year, but I'm not sure. I would be able to rotate from lacrosse to tennis to lacrosse. I think it would be nice to meet some more people, and get in shape for LaCrosse.

I wish I knew how to post pictures, so I could post some from this weekend, from me and Rachel's fun-diddly-doo weekend. To sum it up: we had fun, she has a cute puppy, I got a bloody nose, and rachel's name will be next to Kara's some day. Hum ho do.

5/31/05 05:39 pm

Today in Biology we had to dissect a pig fetus! And it will continue until thursday! It was so sad, they were all in one big bag, and you took one and had to tie it down on the tray. Of course, I only know because I was reading the directions, and only looked once at the pig. My partner is doing all the work. Poor him. Me and this other boy at my table were able to talk about other things, from Paris, to Switzerland, to chocolate, to lunch, to breakfast, to waffles, and then to bacon. In that order. And then we started talking about gym, and we were not able to slowly have the topic change to a pig- product, because the bell rang. Lucky, Lucky me.
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